Town Hall

PAB Studio 115
Oct. 27 – Nov. 5, 2023


"It was last night
It was a millennia ago 
The trees were in bloom 
Everything seemed possible 
I was here 
We were alive 
It was a dream 
Just like this one"


Town Hall is a play, a conversation, and a story about people surviving in a world that has changed beyond recognition. The world of Town Hall is beautiful and broken; it's also familiar, like a place we used to live. Maybe we visited it in a dream. Maybe we never left. 

Written by OBIE award-winner Caridad Svich and directed by guest artist Latoya Cameron, Town Hall is strange, poetic, funny, moving, revolutionary, and not to be missed. It’s an invitation to connect, take risks, and discover what can be found when we’re lost in the dark, together.

Developed at The Lark, Sheen Center and Ensemble Studio Theatre in NYC and National Theatre Institute in Connecticut. 



Content Advisory

This production is recommended for ages twelve and older. Children under the age of four will not be admitted. If you have additional questions, please email us at . Please note that more detailed advisories may contain information that reveals plot elements in advance, AKA "spoilers." 


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Free Admission for Utah Students and Educators (Middle/High School)