Theatre Studies (BA)

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The BA in Theatre Studies is a versatile degree for students interested in exploring all theatre has to offer, with a special emphasis on the development of new works for the stage.

Alongside students focusing on acting, musical theatre, stage management, and design, BA students take the Theatre Core Requirements, which create a foundation for advanced study in any field. In addition, BA students complete intermediate and advanced coursework aimed at preparing them for work in the broad and exciting field of new play development—as playwrights, directors, dramaturgs, actors, stage managers, teachers, critics, or just lovers of theatre.

Synthesizing four years of course and production work, the BA capstone experience is participation in the New Play Workshop (THEA 4220) during which students facilitate the development of several plays by advanced playwriting students. Members of the workshop may serve variously as actors, directors, dramaturgs, or stage managers depending upon area of interest and the requirements of each play.

BA students are encouraged to participate in the Department’s overseas experience—the London Study Abroad Program. During this six-week summer program, students see some of the best theatre in the world, get to know London as a resident (not just a tourist), and can earn 6 credits in elective coursework (not to mention completing the University’s IR and HF requirements at the same time!). Scholarships and financial aid are available. Applications are due early in spring semester each year.

In addition to Departmental scholarships, students pursuing dramaturgy are eligible to apply for the Margetts’ Scholarship, and those interested in a more academic approach to theatre are eligible to apply for the Fine Arts Institute Scholarship in their junior and senior years.

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