The Sweet Science of Bruising

By Joy Wilkinson
February 17 – 26, 2023


"I’ve had it with romance. Those flowers are already dead when you put them in water. They don’t want to be picked and arranged and left to slowly rot. They want to live."


Inspired by the real history of female boxing in Victorian London, THE SWEET SCIENCE OF BRUISING follows four very different women in their bid to become Lady Boxing Champion of the World. As they spar and train under the tutelage of an eccentric trainer/promoter, all four women find an unexpected sense of freedom and solidarity in the "sweet science."

Although the stakes for victory soon reach life-changing heights, a different fight awaits each of them in the world outside the ring.
And for women in 19th century England, life rarely plays by Queensbury rules.


Content Advisory

This production contains strong language and content intended for adult audiences. Some audience members may find aspects of the subject matter to be upsetting or objectionable.

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Promotional photography by Meghan Gibson | Photo manipulation by Aaron Swenson