New Plays Workshop 2023

April 24 - 26 at 6:00 pm
PAB Studio 115
University of Utah Campus


Monday, April 24

by Nicholas Dunn

Die Brücke—The Bridge—started as a Berlin band of avant-garde painters, but by the 1930s their work was suddenly subversive. What becomes of an art movement when it clashes with the dogmas of a new government? And what happens to the artists who created it?


Tuesday, April 25

by Julia Asay

Welcome to the subculture alternate universe superhero headquarters exciting world of ComicCon and cos-playing competition. Who will win this year’s best of show? The pure idealist or the win-at-all-costs professional? This is a story of finding identity through fantasy.


Wednesday, April 26

by Lina Boyer

Covering up pollution in America has an origin story, and this is it. In the 1970s a suburb got built on a chemical waste dump, and nobody told the neighbors. This is the true story of Love Canal, New York, and of a woman and a neighborhood who stood up to the status quo.

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